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Upper Body strength workout

Upper body strength plays an important role in our life, if you want to lift something heavy you should have good upper body strength. Good upper body strength is also required for running and most athletes train to achieve good upper body strength. As we age our upper body strength would decrease so upper body strength workout is required for elderly people. Upper body workouts would provide good strength for women because they lack upper body strength. All of us are looking forward to achieving good upper body strength and most of us know what are the different kinds of upper body exercises to gain good strength and muscles. But we must make sure that we are doing all these exercises properly if not then it could affect our joints and muscles. Exercise is good for our body but if we are not doing it properly then instead of gaining strength there is a good chance that we would get hurt. 

Major factors that must be considered while doing an upper body exercise

Make sure that you are training each of your upper body muscles properly and effectively. Choose the proper movement patterns for your muscles, while doing exercise to keep the proper balance around the joints. You should plan to do the proper amount, of sets for each exercise and must take proper rest after each exercise. Our upper body is capable to do only a few things. We can push or pull horizontally, Vertical push and pull, flex and extend at the elbow. 

Upper body Horizontal pushing exercise

This is a kind of weight training exercise in which we push the weight away from us. Pushing the weight horizontally bench press would be an example of this kind of exercise. An example of the horizontal push exercise would be the chest exercise.

Upper body Horizontal pulling exercise 

In this type of exercise, the weight movement would be done towards our body. Most back rowing exercise is an example of this exercise, bent over barbell and dumbbell exercise is an example of this.

Upper body vertical pushing exercise

In this type of upper body, exercise weight would be pushed vertically from our upper body. An example of this would be the shoulder exercises like an overhead press. 

Upper body vertical pulling exercise

In this type of exercise, the weight would be moved downwards to your upper body vertically. An example of this type of exercise would be pull-ups. 

Elbow flexing exercise

This is a kind of weight-lifting exercise in which a weight would be lifted towards you by flexing your elbow. Most of the biceps curling exercise is an examples of elbow flexing exercises.

Elbow extension exercise

In this type of exercise, the weight would be moved away from you by extending the elbow. The triceps extension exercise is an example of this type. 

All these above-mentioned exercises are the major types of upper body exercise. While choosing the type of exercise for your upper body make sure that you follow all these movement patterns. 

How to choose the upper body exercises ?

We have already discussed the types of upper body movements and all the types of upper body exercises. Selecting the type of exercise would be depended on a lot of individual factors. You can choose the types of exercise according to your requirement. You can select it according to your goal, your capabilities, etc. I am going to list out several upper body exercises you can choose exercises from it. 

There are several horizontal pushing exercises such as bench press, decline bench press, low incline bench press, decline bench press, etc. There are several horizontal pulling exercises such as bent-over rows, seated cable rows, T-bar rows, etc. Vertical pushing exercises such as lateral raises, front raises, and high incline bench press. Vertical pulling exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, and Lat pull-downs. There are several elbow flexing exercises such as seated biceps curls, preacher curls, cable curls, etc. Laying triceps, and triceps cable press downs are some of the elbow extension exercises. 

There should be good exercise order while doing the exercise. While choosing the exercise order make sure you choose some of these patterns. Make sure that you are doing compound exercises before the isolation exercise. Before utilizing machines do some free weight exercise and bigger muscle groups before the smaller muscle groups. 

How to choose the repetition per set for an exercise ?

Choosing the repetition per set is an important process in an exercise. If you are a beginner then you should choose not much weight for weight lifting. If the weight is lighter then the repetition would be high and the intensity would be low. If the weight is heavy then the workout would be harder for you and the intensity would be higher. The intensity of the exercise would be depended upon the repetition of the set. So most of us are confused about the repetition range while doing an exercise. Mostly the repetition range for an exercise would be one to five repetitions per set for beginners. You can gradually change these repetition sets each week, eight to ten repetitions per set can be done to get muscle with strength. While completing each set of workout make sure that you are getting proper rest and also make sure that your muscle is getting rest too. All these workouts should be carried out in a proper way. 

If you like to increase the weight that you lift then there would be lower repetition and this is mostly done to achieve good strength. In case you are planning to increase the repetition by using fewer weights then the muscle endurance can be increased. You can also utilize moderate repetitions by choosing the proper weight according to your requirement this kind of exercise would improve your muscle and it would also improve the way that your body looks. Make sure that you are not rushing while doing the workouts, there is no shortcuts in this process. 

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