Treadmills Turned Fun-Quick and Effective Exercises for you to try

Treadmills Turned Fun-Quick and Effective Exercises for you to try

Yeah yeah, we all get it that you are so done with just always running on your treadmill. At first it seemed all fun and exciting that you can go for a run without having to go out, right from the comfort of your home while catching up on your favourite TV shows, if you had your treadmill machine in front of one.

Now let’s be real, as much as fun it is to run on a treadmill but doing it daily sometimes may take the fun out of it and then you are left with desperately counting down till the time is over and you can get off it.

But wait, what if we said you can do much more than dragging yourself through the treadmill? Yes, you read that right. If you are bored with always running on your treadmill, there are a bunch of other exercises you can try doing on your treadmill.

Still don’t believe us? Then make sure to thoroughly read the rest of the blog below.



Get on your treadmill and set it to a speed of 1.5 km an hour. Standing with your feet hip width apart and your hands clasped together at chest level, put your right leg forward and lower your body until your left leg is bent to 90 degrees. Now, get up and do the same but this time with the other leg. Left leg forward, while your right leg is bent 90 degrees almost touching the treadmill. Keep alternating your legs to focus equally on the glutes and hamstring of your legs.

Lunges While Walking | My Family Fitness


With the speed again set to 1.5 km an hour, start from one side and shuffle from left to right as the treadmill is moving. If you want to you can either walk or you can get onto your toes slightly and shuffle side to side. As you progress what you can do is to slowly increase your speed. After you are done on one side, you can switch over and go from the other side going right to left.

 Side Shuffle | My Family Fitness UAE


Keep the treadmill running but get off it. Get into a plank position but place both your hands on the treadmill base while your body is stretched out and your foot is firmly planted on the floor with your legs apart. As the treadmill band moves, walk your hands forward during the duration of the exercise. Make sure to tighten your core and keep your back flat.

Walking Planks | Fitness Products


This exercise is basically alternating between walking and running. Keep your treadmill inclines at 1%, and start by an easy jog for 5 minutes to warm up. After the warm up increase the inclination to 2% and walk for a minute. Then lower the inclination by 1% and run for another 1 minute. Keep increasing the inclination every time and the duration for the walk. Followed by every increased inclination walk, make sure to bring the inclination down for the run. When you’re done, finish it with a brisk walk.

Walk and Run | Fitness Equipment


For this exercise, you need to turn your treadmill off. Place both of your arms on the treadmill bar and start pushing the treadmill and make the belt start to move. Keep doing this until you get the momentum and can start to run on the treadmill just by pushing it using your body strength. This exercise mimics the movements of pushing a sled, and is very good for your quads and calves.

 Treadmill Push | My Family Fitness UAE


Otherwise called the inclined pushups, even this exercise requires your treadmill’s power to be turned off. Now stand on the side base of the treadmill, and place your hands on top of the treadmill’s handles. Make sure your body forms a straight line from your head till your heels. Start doing a pushup by bending your elbows and bringing your chest down all the way down to touch the console of the treadmill. Continue doing push ups this way by taking a few seconds break in between the pushups.

Pushups in Treadmill | My Family Fitness UAE

Safety Note:

  • Make sure to take rest in between the exercises.
  • While performing the exercises make sure to have a tight grip on the treadmill to avoid accidents
  • Have your foot firmly planted on the treadmill to avoid slipping and falling.

Now that you have known you can use your treadmill for more than just running. You have no reason to dread the treadmill. Get yourself to do these exercises and challenge your friends to try these fun exercises too.

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