Tips on how to stay fit even while working from home

Tips on how to stay fit even while working from home

Once upon a time, some of us used to have an invigorating start to our day by working out at home or at the gym before getting dressed smartly and heading to work. Then there were some of us who after work, beat their stressful day out by exercising and sweating. No matter the preference, due to the fixed office time; we had a routine that somehow involved some sort of physical activity to keep us active and fit.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to adjust to the new normal. During this shift from what used to be the normal to the new normal, our health and fitness got compromised and our lifestyle became sedentary. As we now almost got used to getting a lot of things done from home, especially our official work; it is now time that we start on our fitness agenda too.

To help you accommodate the changes to stay fit even while you are working from home, we have some really helpful tips for you:

  • Your work space matters:

Designate a small space solely for work. Do not bring your work to bed or couch no matter how much you feel comfortable because it’ll make you lazy. Compared to lounging on a bed or couch, it is much easier to get up frequently from your chair and move around. Frequently moving around when you are stuck working from home, is good for your body’s blood circulation and will keep you active.

  • Do not always sit and work:

Sitting for long hours in the same place while working can cause back and neck problems. One good way is to keep alternating between sitting and standing. Use a standing desk to give your back and neck a little break from the constant sitting and working for hours.

  • Have a proper work-life balance:

Just because you are working from home and have the flexibility to work on your own schedule, it is easy for the fine line between work and life to disappear. Some people may tend to keep working till odd hours at night, thus going to sleep very late and getting up late in the morning or not getting enough sleep at all. Your day will become sluggish only involving work and no proper sleep which is not good for your body and mental health. So plan your schedule wisely and get proper sleep at the right time.

  • Sneak in a little work-out in between:

While working from home, most of us have the carte blanche to plan our schedule. This fortunately can enable us to fit in small exercises and simple workouts in between our work. For example, a quick 10 minute meditation or yoga can make us feel refreshed, or a set of dumbbell curls or hand grip work out will keep us pumped up, or maybe just try doing some simple stretching to relax the tensed up muscles in your body. 

  • Discuss work while working out:

A big part of some of our work requires long boring discussions with our team or colleagues. During this time, you and your team can hit the treadmill or cross machine, or do some exercise together to accommodate exercising while getting the work done with the team at the same time. This can make long discussions fun and also you can build better work relationships together.

  • Stock your kitchen with healthy stuff:

It is tempting to just walk into your kitchen and pull out a bag of chips, or a pack of cookies to munch on while you are working from home. That is why it is suggested that you get rid of all junk, unhealthy, and processed food items from your home. Stock your kitchen with healthy and fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts to snack on while working.

  • Have home cooked meals:

It is very common to skip breakfast thinking you will have a filling lunch to make up for it because you are running late. But then during lunch you notice there is nothing prepared at home so you order food from outside and this slowly becomes a habit for you. This is why it is important that you not only wake up early to have breakfast in time, but also make sure you have a proper balanced meal prepared beforehand for when you get off from work to eat lunch.

  • Under desk equipment:

People are now coming up with smart ways to accommodate exercising while working from home. Workout equipment like under desk cycle, under desk elliptical, under desk treadmill come very helpful. You can be sitting at your work desk conducting meetings or working on those spreadsheets and still be doing your workout at the same time.

Best products that support you during your "Work From Home" fitness practice:

The first step to getting something done is getting started. So unless we make small efforts to keep ourselves fit and active even when we have to sit in front of our laptop for hours, we will continue to live a sedentary lifestyle void of any physical activity, which will in turn have a negative impact on our mind and body.

We hope these tips will slowly help you get back on track.

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